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Our own experience involves business started by technocrats with an idea or a dream. Every human being at some point of time or other have thought about starting a business. A very few had the resources, support and circumstances to really start one. And the success stories are even fewer. The key factors to success based on our knowledge and experience are

  • preparedness to challenges and uncertanities
  • understanding of the basics and the patience to stick to the basics
  • resources, confidence and circumstances for a long hard slog

Our own humble success along with our participation in a number of successful ventures from the very infant stages is our strength. We can provide professional support in all areas other than manufacturing, marketing and distribution, throughout the various stages of your dream in running a cost effective business. There are many activities to running a successful business apart from manufacturing a product, marketing and successfully distributing it.

Most of the times, these activities tend to overwhelm and take away bulk of the time, thereby leaving the enterpreneur with very little time to focus on his core business. In some cases these activies are neglected leading to disruption in business growth. This is where we fit in. We could provide you customised solution or complete packaged services to suit your particular needs.

A brief overview of the services we provide is listed below. Please feel free to contact us for solutions specific to your needs.

  • Independent Business Plan Review
  • Business Registration and Other Mandatory Regulatory requirements
  • Complete On-site/Off-site Backoffice Solutions including Accounts and Employee benefits
  • e-TDS/TCS Processing and Filing
  • Income Tax, Service Tax, Professional Tax and VAT Solutions
  • Legal Support for Tax appeals and other Regulatory mandates
  • Cost effective Software solutions for automization of Day to Day activities
  • Guidance with Investment & Business Loans
  • Liason, Representative office or Front office solutions

We could work with you in providing the right kind of support and resources to be part of your success story. We could help you by conducting frank and fair analysis of your business and suggesting alternate options in resolving any shortcomings. We could study your business plans, budget forecast and other relevant documents to analysis any possible areas which would warrant alternate planning in advance. We could also help you in generating awareness about available additional resources in advance and be better prepared for difficult times.

All information provided here are based on the best of our knowledge. We advice you to contact us or relevant consultants before taking any decisions based on information available here.