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Information Technology Solutions

We have adequate exposure to state of the art technology, with hands on experience in web design, data processing, data conversion, release cycle and quality analysis. We can provide a very high quality solutions in the following areas

  • Detailed System Study and Software Support
  • Software Implementation and Quality Analysis
  • Open Source Development and Support
  • Revival & Continuance of Stalled Projects
  • Web Site Development, Deployment & Maintenance
  • On-site/Off-site Data Processing & Migration

We support the idea of open source movement in providing low cost and alternative choices for technology to suit the budget of all users. We have adequate financial resources and support structure of industry experts with overseas experience in complete product cycle to handle any number or size of projects simutaneously.

All information provided here are based on the best of our knowledge. We advice you to contact us or relevant consultants before taking any decisions based on information available here.