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We have been serving High Networth Individuals and Non-Resident Indians on an individual basis in planning their investment strategies and managing their tax obligations. Financial freedom can be achieved with a clear understanding of the current financial needs and planning for the future milestones while keeping a very strict eye on saving and investment strategies.

We have been providing quality and value added services to our valuable customers in understanding the tax obligations. Beyond the simple filing of tax documents on the regular basis, we also work with them during legal audits and identify investment options with tax benefits. Based on our experience in dealing with our esteemed clients, here are some key thoughts for consideration.

  • Preparation for major life events from the day you start earning
  • Planning, preparation and completion of yearly tax obligations
  • Detailed analysis of investment opportunities to suit your resources and needs
  • Keeping yourself uptodate with the changing financial world
  • Understanding the regulatory obligations of Asset Management

Clear understanding of current financial needs, planning for the future milestones and strict focus on saving and investment opportunities are corner stones for achieving financial freedom. We will work with you on a one-on-one basis to provide customised solutions to suit your needs.

All information provided here are based on the best of our knowledge. We advice you to contact us or relevant consultants before taking any decisions based on information available here.